About Reed Garden

Founded in 2010 by members of Sidewalk’s End urban farm and others, the Reed student garden is a collective vegetable growing project for members of the Reed College community. We are located off SE 28th Ave, at the very westernmost end of the Reed canyon, between two Reed owned houses occupied by student living co-ops during the normal school year. The garden consists of two growing areas, used for a wide variety of annual vegetable and flower crops, and featuring perennials like hops, strawberries, and raspberries. We are motivated by a belief in the importance of quality, local, sustainable food sources and of organic practices; we wish to take responsibility for feeding ourselves as much as we are able to do so.

Regular work parties are held during the growing season as it overlaps with school scheduling; during the summer, a smaller working group of students maintains the space.

Produce is reserved for those actively involved in helping with the space. Excess food is typically distributed either to other community members, or donated to organizations like Food Not Bombs.