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Spring Herb Spiral Dreams

Spring Herb Spiral Dreams

Please enjoy this picture of the lovely mulched herb spiral, and go on get ye down to sniff at it.

Know that there are multitudinous herbs growing – mint, thyme, fennel, garlic greens, onion greens, red raspberry leaves, rosemary, lavendar – and that it would behoove your body and soul to make tea of them. Behoove.

Tis a good time for planting. Come all ye with desires to grow – there is budget and soil, compost and mulch aplenty. Serious tho – any possible thing – we can do it. Hands – we need your delicate, booky hands. Save your receipts when you buy stuff and get them to me. Hit up this list with ideas or if you want help on a project.

-chromatic flower beds
-a mint/fennel/hop/passionflower/lemonbalm transformation of the grassy slope behind the lower garden…with shrubs along the bottom of that slope

Today we:
-tied up the raspberries
-planted new flats of carrots & stuff
-put more leafy greens in the ground
-weeded, composted and mulched most of the herb spiral
-fell in love

Here are some dreams, let’s sublimate them into realities:
-family friendly community day in the garden on Saturday 5/11, after reading week
-bbq & party in the garden Thursday of reading week

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April 20, 2014 · 6:22 pm